Q. Can I get a tracking number for my order?

A. Yes we will give you a UPS tracking number for your order or we will run a trace for you, but only after seven working days after the order is sent. We will not track an order or look up a tracking number before then.


Q. If I have a part I want to return for warranty, how do I go about sending it back to you?

A. You send it to us at: Choate machine and tool, Po Box 218 Bald Knob,Ar 72010. Please include a letter letting us know why you sent the part back and what you want. Also include your return address and your phone number. To return a part please ship to:


Choate Machine and Tool, 116 Lovers Lane,  Bald Knob, Ar 72010.


Please include a letter letting us know why your sending the part back. Also include your return address and your phone number!


Q. If I modify one of your parts and can't make it fit, can I send it back?

A. If you make a change to any of our products this will void your warranty. this includes but not limited to drilling holes, cutting, filing, carving, screwing or scratches. We have had stocks returned tat have been cut off or fitted to guns they were not designed for, then when it did not work they returned the part for refund or replacement. If you break one of our parts or stocks, we will fix it or replace it as soon as possible. If the part does not work, contact us so we can fix the problem, if you modify it and it does not work, we will not replace your part.


Q. What is your warranty?

A. We have always had a life time warranty. If our part fails to work like you think it should or if it breaks we will replace it.


Q. Can I put a pistol grip or folding stock on my Rem. 1100-1187 or Mossberg 5500, 930?

A. No, The spring and tube that pushes the bolt forward to function the action protrudes from the back of the action for several inches and prevents the use of a grip of folding stock.


Q. How much does your telescoping stocks for the T/C Contender, G2 Contender and Encore weigh?

A. One pound 10 ounces.


Q. What is the Length of Pull for the T/C telescoping stocks?

A. Form 12 3/4 inches to 16 inches.


Q. Do I use my floor plate from my BDL Rem. 700 Rifle on your Sniper or Varmint stock?

A. No our stock does not use the floor plate that comes with your BDL rife. The bottom of our stock is not cut to take the tirgger guard from the original stock.


Q. Do you make a Sniper or Varmint stock that will fit my Savage rifle?

A. We make a stock for all the current production Savage rifles except the "BA" actions in 338. Our stocks will not fit the J series rifles which have a different hole spread for the action bolts. These rifles were made between 1978 & 1985, the center to center on the action screws on this model is 4 1/2 inches. Our stocks will fit the rifles that have a center to center hole spread of 4.275 inches for the old model short action model 10,11,12 and 16.  They will also fit the new model 10,11,12 and 16 short action with hole spacing of 4.410 and will fit the long action models 110,111,112, 113,114 and 116 with a hole spread of 5.062 inches.


Q. Does the Sniper or Varmint stock come with a bipod? What kind of bipod do you recommend??

A. No, we do not supply a bipod with the stock. We recommend Harris bipods for use on our bipod adapter.


Q. How much does the Sniper stock weigh?

A. The Sniper stock weighs 6 pounds 14 oz.


Q. How much does the Varmint stock weigh?

A. The Varmint stock weighs 4 pounds.


Q. How much does a Tactical stock weigh?

A. The Tactical stock weighs 3 pounds 11 ounces.


Q. Is my Savage a long or short action?

A. Some of the older long action Savage 110 rifle will take the traditional short action calibers like 223,243 or 308. This has caused some confusion because the newer short action model 10 rifles are in these calibers. The best way to tell what action length you have is to measure from center to center of the action screws. The long action is 5.062 inches center to center, the short actions are 4.410 and 4.275 inches center to center.


Q. There is a gap under the back of my receiver on my Savage Varmint, Tactical or Sniper stock. Is this right?

A. The action should only touch on the V of the bedding block and back of the recoil lug. The gap at the back is normal for Savage actions


Q. What Remington rifle will the Sniper, Varmint and Tactical stock fit?

A. Our Sniper, Tactical and Varmint stocks will fit the Current production Mod 700 long and short action in right and left hand. We also make short action Tactical stocks that fit the CDI and Badger detachable magazine bottom metal. The stocks will also fit Sportsman 78 the 721,722 and some 40X actions. It will not fit the long action detachable magazine rifles or the model 770, 710, 7 or the XP100 actions.


Q. Why do you use the adapter for the bipod rail to hold the bipod?

A. This makes it easy to remove the bipod if you want to use it on sandbags or to shoot off hand. You can also change bipods very quickly to go from a short one for shooting off a bench or prone to a long one to shoot from a setting position.(Note : The bipod will not touch the bottom of the stock on the long adapter with the thumb screw.)


Q. Will my Savage in 7mm STW or 300 Ult Mag work in your stock?

A. Yes, but there will have to be .200 of an inch removed from the back of the magazine box. The stock will work well under the stress of the larger calibers.


Q. Do you make a stock to fit the Ruger 10/22 in .22 WRM or the Ruger Deer Field .44 mag.?

A. No, we don?t have any plans to make stocks for these rifles at this time.


Q. Do you make wood or custom stocks?

A. Sorry, we do not make wood stocks or do custom work.


Q. List of Ruger guns we don't make stocks for.

A. Ruger Model 77 rifles, Ruger 22 mag. 10/22 rifle, Ruger 44 mag rifles and the Ruger PC9 carbine.


Q. Military rifles we don't make stocks for.

A. The M1 Garand and the 03-A3 Springfield.


Q. Can I use my bayonet with your SKS compensator?

A. No it will not let you use the bayonet.


Q. Will my AK 47 fit the MAK 90 stock you make?

A. This stock was designed specifically for the MAK 90. We have had people put it on other AK 47's by modifying them. We do not do the modifications here, we recommend that it be done by a gunsmith.


Q. Will you Mak 90 stock fit my Romanian AK?

A. The stock will fit but the hand guard will be to big and the forend will be loose.


Q. Do you make a stock that will fit my 180 series Mini-14?

A. Sorry we don't.


Q. Do you make a stock for the old split tang H&R shotguns.

A. Sorry we do not, our stocks only fit the founded end shotguns.


Q. Do you make a forend for the snap on type forends.

A. Sorry we do not, we only make the screw on type forend.


Q. What do you make that will fit my Mossberg 835.

A. All the stocks we make for the Moss 500 will fit the 835. The 835 uses these our short forend. We also making magazine extensions for the 835 and 590 pump guns. Our forends only fit the Mossberg shotguns that have the steel tube in the center that the action bars are welded to. If your forend is held to the action bars by pins and there is no steel tube in the center of your forend when it is removed from the action then our forend will not fit your gun.


Q. How do I tell if my Savage rifle is center feed or stagger feed?

A. The easiest way is to take the action out of the rifle and see if the magazine box is attached to the bottom of the receiver, that would make it the older stagger feed action. If your magazine box stays in the stock and is held in with a L shaped bracket then your action is center feed.


Caution: If you are ordering a short action Savage stock check the center to center on the action screws, if your stock is the new center feed with a measurement of 4.410 inches you will need to order the stock for the Center feed feed rifle. The standard short action stock with 4.257 action screw spacing will not fit.


Q. General information on extensions.

A.Magazine capacity is measured with 2 3/4 inch shells.

The 7 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 6 rounds in the extension.

The 8 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 7 rounds in the extension.

The 9 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 8 rounds in the extension.

The 10 shot extension will hold 1 round in the chamber and 9 rounds in the extension.


Tube lengths

7 Shot is 6 Inches Long

8 Shot is 8 1/8 Inches Long

9 Shot is 10 1/4 Inches Long

10 Shot is 14 3/4 Inches Long


We suggest you change your spring every two years if you leave your shotgun loaded all the time. If you need to order extra springs or need help installing your extension please call us.


Magazine Extension Installation Instructions

1. You will need eye protection!  Parts will be under spring pressure. Make sure the shotgun is unloaded and remove all ammo from around the shotgun. Remove the magazine cap from the end of the magazine tube under barrel by unscrewing it.


2. If your shotgun has the metal spring retainer you will have to gently pry it out with a small flat screwdriver. Caution the spring is under pressure, it will jump out of the tube if you are not careful.  If you have the new type spring retainer that is a black plastic tube with a slot in the middle you will need to press it down and rotate it 90 degrees or until the slots line up with the dimples on the tube. Then remove it from end of the tube. Parts will be under spring pressure.  Remove the spring and shell follower. If you have this kind of  retainer you will have to remove the dimples.


3. The new model Remington shotguns have dimples that hold the spring retainer in. If you have this kind of Remington you will need a 3/16 inch (5mm) drill so you can drill each dimple out from the outside of the tube.  We recommend the use of a drill press when drilling the dimples out. Once you have drilled them, take a round file and remove all burrs from the inside of the tube so the shell follower will slide freely.


4.  You do not have to use the orange follower that comes with the extension, you can use the original follower if you wish. The orange follower has a no tilt tail feature that insures it does not bind in the tube, it also keeps the spring form binding on itself acting as a spring guide. Install the follower on the end of the supplied spring into the tube on the shotgun and then slide the extension tube over the other end of the spring and feed the spring into both tubes as you  lower the extension tube onto the end of the magazine tube. Then, screw the extension to the magazine tube while holding the tube straight with the barrel.


5.  After installing the magazine extension you will need to install the sling swivel barrel clamp. Look at the clamp from the end to make sure both sides are lined up the same. When looking at the clamp for the end it should resemble a figure eight with the smaller circle on top and the larger circle on bottom.  Adjust the nut on the end of the swivel so the clamp is wide enough to slide over the barrel and magazine extension. The small radius of the clamp goes over the barrel, large radius goes over the extension.  Place the clamp two, to two and a half inches from the end. You can put the sling swivel on either side of the shotgun.  Then turn the sling swivel to tighten the clamp.


Q. What length of +1 extension do I need?

A. For the Mossberg 835, 590, Mossberg 500 Cruiser, Hawk 982 and NEF Pardner pump shotguns with 18 inch barrels you will need a +1 shot extension. Measure from the end our you barrel to the barrel lug where the magazine cap tightens against and see how much room you have so the extension does not stick out past the end of the barrel.  We make +1 extension that are 4 1/4 and 3 1/8 inches for the Mossberg and Remington extension that are 4 3/8 inches for the Hawk 982 and NEF Pardner pump shotguns. If you have any questions please call us.

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