Mossberg 835, 590 Night Manager 7 Shot (Matte)


Mossberg 835, 590 Night Manager 7 Shot (Matte)

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Night Manager, a shotgun magazine tube extension with an integral light and accessory mounting system. Night Manager boosts capacity by two extra shotshells and has an indexable Picatinny rail section to add a light or laser as needed.

The Night Manager is an all steel construction magazine tube extension with an aluminum shroud that is drilled and tapped along the bottom and sides for mounting Picatinny rail sections. Its unique design allows the shroud to rotate to orient the attached Picatinny rails where needed and then uses an AR-15 castle nut to lock it down in the desired location. By mounting accessories on the magazine tube extension it allows use of the full length of the shotgun’s fore end, which often can be short on law enforcement type models. The Night Manager also includes a sling mounting plate that can be installed to attach the sling on the right, left or bottom of the shotgun.

For Mossberg shotguns the Night Manager is available for the 590, 835 shotguns.

(Does not come with flash light)

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8.50 × 3 in


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