Tactical Custom Savage Short Action Detachable Mag (New Style)


Tactical Custom Savage Short Action Detachable Mag (New Style)


Tactical Custom Package Savage Short Action Detachable Magazine with an action screw spacing of 4.410.For detachable magazine rifles with the button attached to the front of the mag well. This package starts with our Tactical Stock(see product description for our Tactical Stock). We then machine a custom aluminum cheek piece of 6061 T6 with a .750 inch vertical height adjustment and a 3-way aluminum butt plate of 6061 T6 that can add up to 1.25 additional length of pull and that has a horizontal adjustment of one inch up or down and custom fit them both to the stock. We add a rubber butt pad to finish the plate. Adjustment on the cheek piece is made with a rosette type knob. Adjustments to the 3-way butt plate are made with a 5/32 allen wrench.

Only fits rifles with the magazine release as part of the magazine. If your rifle does not have a removable plastic piece that the magazine snaps into, you will need to order that part form Savage or you can buy the bottom metal from us part# 25-09-16

Will not fit the detachable magazine rifles where the magazine release button is part of the bottom metal!

Will not fit the Savage detachable magazine rifles with the accurate-mag or PTG bottom metal that uses the AI magazine.

The aluminum are anodized. They can be left unfinished if you have a stainless rifle and want them to match.

Action Screw Spacing 4.410. There will be an 3/16 gap under the safety on all the Savage Varmint, Tactical and Sniper stocks. The action should only touch on the V of the bedding block and back of the recoil lug. The gap at the back is normal for Savage actions when installed in our stocks.

Custom Tactical 5 lb 11oz

LOP 13 to 15 inches

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 35.25 × 6.50 × 2.50 in


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