Spotting Scope Or Camera Stabilizer


Spotting Scope Or Camera Stabilizer

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Spotting Scope or Camera Stabilizer is a great item to have for hunting, hiking or bird watching. Helps you stay mobile, but when you need to glass something or take a picture of something, you don’t have to worry with trying to setup a bipod or tripod.  This allows you to get on target quick and not miss out on that trophy elk or that rare bird. The stabilizer has a sling loop that allows you to install a sling to carry it across you back and keep your hands free.  This will also keep you from dropping your valuable spotting scope or camera. It comes with Choate Machine & Tool’s Life Time Warranty.   (DOES NOT COME WITH SPOTTING SCOPE)

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 8.50 × 3 in


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